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Marine Grade Wind Generator.

The Whisper 200 is rated at 1000 watts at 27 mph average wind speed and produces energy with wind speeds as low as 9 mph. The Whisper 200 marine produces 1 Kw of power, excellent for charging Home Power Systems or remote water pumping sites, especially in extreme environments.

With a blade diameter of 10 feet the Whisper 200 Marine wind generator is quiet, dependable and proven in the field. The blades are made from Fiberglass-Carbon fiber for long life and durability great for extreme environments.

The tower top weight is 65 lbs with a lateral thrust of 250 lbs. This wind generator has two blades for excellent performance in a wide range of wind speeds, and wind zones.

The Whisper 200 wind turbine is often used for direct water pumping, and/or grid-tied or stand-alone home power sytems and electric heating. Use a diversion load controller to dump excess power into a heating coil.

Mounts on standard 2.5" #40 pipe as a masthead.

The Whisper 200 Marine features a permanent magnet brushless alternator, EZ wire 120 amp controller allow up to 700 watts of additional PV panels (with EZwire upgrade below), cast aluminum housing, 2 year warranty, three blade design made from injection-molded fiber reinforced advanced material.

Start-up wind speed: 7.0 mph (3.1 m/s)

Ship Weight: 90 lbs.

Whisper 200 Marine Grade Wind Generator 16-1189Retail Price: $6,195.00Sale Price: $5,495.00