Click to enlargeDankoff Surface Solar Piston Pump
to be powered directly by Solar PV Modules
at 48 VDC

Dankoff Solar Force Piston Surface Pump.

Dankoff Surface Solar Force Piston Pump Model: 3020-48PV

Power Source: Directly from Solar PV Modules

System Voltage: 48 VDC

Maximum Vertical Head (Lift): 220 feet

Gallons per Minute at Maximum Lift: 4.7 GPM

The Solar Force piston pumps operate directly from a PV array, or from a battery bank charged by PV or any other power source. They can draw water from a shallow well, pond, stream, river or storage tank and can push water up-hill (230' maximum head), through miles of pipeline, or for pressurized water systems (100 psi max; minimum 60 gal. pressure tank required). They can be used for domestic, agricultural, commercial, or industrial applications. Suction capacity is 25' at sea level (subtract 1' for each 1,000' above sea level). 5-9 GPM pumping capacity.

Robust, durable, and reliable, Solar Force pumps use less energy per gallon of water delivered than any other pump that we sell. The pump head is cast iron with a brass cylinder. These pumps have a proven design with a 20-year life, and are simple to maintain with common hand tools. Leather piston seals are easy to replace (5 to 10-year maintenance interval). The well illustrated installation and repair manuals make it easy to install and service.

The DC models are the most efficient, but the AC models use low-surge motors with low starting torque, reducing inverter and wire size requirements. Available with 12, 24, or 48 VDC motors, or with 120 VAC or 230 VAC, 50-60 Hz motors.

Solar Force pumps have 1.5" female-threaded intake ports and 1" female-threaded outlet ports.

Dimensions: 22" x 13" x 16"

Shipped in two boxes. 2-year warranty.

Weight of 115 lbs.

Dankoff Solar Water Pump Surface Solar Piston Pump for Solar PV Modules at 48 VDC 075-04281Retail Price: $2,595.00Sale Price: $2,495.00